Dans 2 minutes, vous aurez validé votre intention d'acquisition des premières actions de Time for the Planet, pour lutter à grande échelle contre le dérèglement climatique.

La société est actuellement en cours de modification pour nous permettre d'accueillir plus d'associé·es. Dès qu'elle sera prête, nous vous recontacterons pour confirmer votre intention et régler l'achat de vos parts.

C'est parti

Become a shareholder

Help us to raise 1 billion euros to create 100 companies fighting against the global warming.

Each share could be bought for 1 euro. You want to know more about the partner status ?

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300 000 €

First step : 300 000 €

To reach 1 billion euros, we need to prove that we are able to raise quickly a minimum amount of 300 000 €. This amount will allow us to finance a communication campaign and to start our first business fighting against the climate change.

A big action

Invest in a project able to change the world


Your money is the leverage for Time for the planet to create companies, working to save the planet.

A mission for the world

The only target of Time for the planet is to save the planet. Our benefits will be used exclusively for this purpose. No revenues for our shareholders.


Our accounts are public. Our patents will be available for everyone without any compensation

How become a shareholder ?

Currently the company is under modification to be able to welcome more shareholders. In the meantime, you can support us by sharing your willingness to become soon a shareholder. Then you support us in this phase while looking for more partners and financial investors.

"Time for the planet" will be divided in 1 billion parts, each one with one number. One part will cost 1 euro

You will be able to buy whatever number of shares you want and at any time in the future,you can buy more.

Being shareholders...do we have any rights ?

Votes rights

You will be able to vote or being caadidate for the board, (decision structure for Time for the planet). Vote according to one principle: one person = one vote


You can create an event in the name of Time for the planet becoming a referent "Team for the planet"

Time for the planet: it is You !

You are onwer a part of the company.

The lastest registred partners

Sylvanie Alain registred with 100 shares

Sébastien Guillot registred with 700 shares

Hugo Stepanian registred with 50 shares