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Only 2 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days left to reach this goal.

This investment is not intended to have a financial return in the medium term. It involves risks of loss of the entire invested capital, high dilution (shares issued at par value) and low liquidity. See all risks

To be clear, you will not get your investment back, it will be entirely dedicated to financing innovations fighting against greenhouse gases. However, you are not risking any more money than what you invested!

Time for the Planet's shareholder status


Your rights

As a Time for the Planet shareholder, you have the power to decide! All major decisions, such as the choice of innovations to be financed, are voted in General Meeting.


No duty

Becoming a Time for the Planet shareholder doesn't commit you to anything, and isn't linked to any legal duty. Well, we'd really appreciate it if you could talk about us around you, but then again, only if you feel like it!


What do you get back?

Financially? Nothing for now! All the money generated by Time for the Planet's innovations is reinvested in innovations. However, you will possess Climate Dividends, a measurement of greenhouse gas emissions prevented thanks to your investment.

The journey of your money

You can become a shareholder by investing the amount of your choice, online, on this website.

90% minimum will be invested in innovations that massively reduce greenhouse gases.
(The remaining 10% is for operating costs)

Each funded innovation is deployed in the form of a structure (company or other), which must be profitable through a solid business model, and thus multiply your money.

The added value generated by all innovations is systematically reinvested in innovations.

100% transparency. All of our accounts are public, and all major decisions, such as which innovations we invest in, are made in a General Meeting with shareholders.

Climate Dividends, or how to put our economic system at the service of the Earth

1 = 1 ton of CO2 equivalent avoided or captured

As you can see, by becoming a Time for the Planet shareholder, you will not earn money. On the other hand, you will receive annual Climate Dividends, which count the number of tons of greenhouse gases avoided or captured thanks to your investment.

These Climate Dividends help us precisely measure the result of our actions, and our entire movement is dedicated to maximizing them.

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Some examples of upcoming innovations that we have our eyes on.

We won't succeed without your help.

Funding closing for these innovations in 2 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days.


already collected

of €12,000,000

Only 2 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days left to reach this goal.
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Funding closing for these innovations in 2 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days.

Marine Permaculture

92 assessments

Macro-algae forests capture enormous amounts of carbon, re-develop aquatic life and can be harvested to feed the world's population.


67 assessments

Large-scale production of zero-carbon fuel at a cost equivalent to fossil fuels.


19 assessments

Making energy transition possible through massive electricity storage.

What if I can invest only a small amount?

There is strength in numbers! Becoming a shareholder grants our movement the power to act. The more we are, the more we are able to convince financial institutions, big companies, investment funds or even states to join us.

Every single person matters, join us today!

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Your shareholder profile

Want to brag a little for showing the example? Honestly, you deserve it! Complete your shareholder profile to have your dedicated page on Time's website and show your involvement. Well, you can also remain anonymous, it is entirely up to you!

The Galaxy of Action

This is Time's shareholder community, built around action and kindness. Join our Discord server (a communication tool), and you're bound to find shareholders who share your interests. From whale fans to marketing pros, there's something for everyone.


Would you like to help out and discover all the innovations submitted to Time before everyone else? Become a citizen Assessor and assess the innovations received by Time. No need to have a scientific background, you will have a training to understand the method and the assessment grid!

In 2 years and 6 months,

€10,967,181 raised
56,279 shareholders
6,309 innovations assessors
851 innovations received
3 innovations financed

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Time for the Planet is the first « société à mission » (French B Corp equivalent) exclusively dedicated to safeguarding the Earth's habitability. Our public shares offers are regulated by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF), specifically article 212-44 of AMF general rules.

We have written an Information summary , for the issue of new shares (which you can buy on our website). This offer does not produce any document requiring an AMF (French Financial Markets Authority) visa.

Risks information

Risk name Occurrence probability Scale Impact
expand_more Legal and regulatory risks related to the company's legal form of a partnership limited by shares Medium Medium Medium

Because of the Company's legal form as a Société en Commandite par Actions (Partnership Limited by Shares) and the Articles of Association, the Managers can only be removed by a joint decision of the ordinary General Meeting and the general partner or by the Commercial Court for just cause at the request of any shareholder or the Company. As a reminder, the capital of the general partner, Act for the Planet is held by the Managers of the Company, as well as by TFTP itself.

In addition, this corporate form generates a strong dependence on the general partner due to its veto right on corporate decisions. The Managers' extensive power under the law has been reduced by the articles of association, through limitations on powers (in practice prior authorizations by the Supervisory Board, or even the General Meeting itself) in order, in particular, to reduce the risk of conflicts of interest as much as possible.

expand_more Risk related to the control of cash management and its bank accounts Low Medium Medium

Given the significant level of its cash before the realization of equity investments, the Company is exposed to risk in the event of fraud and has set up a financial flow control system to secure its cash, via internal rules of double signature and daily monitoring of bank accounts by several people. In fact, for any transfer above an amount of €50,000, the Company's bank must obtain double validation, via electronic box and personalized code, from at least two Company Managers before making the transfer.

expand_more Risk related to the Company's financial situation Low Low Low

Currently, prior to the completion of the fundraising of this offering, the Company has sufficient net working capital to meet its obligations and cash requirements for the next 12 months.

As the Company has no additional income, its business and financial condition depend on the success of this capital increase. In the event of the economic failure of one or more subsidiaries, there is a risk that the Company will not be profitable. In this event, the Company will have the option of using part of the funds raised to support its subsidiaries in an attempt to achieve longer-term profitability.

As the total expenses that may be incurred are limited by the articles of association to 10% of the funds raised and of the net sales of the previous fiscal year, the Company does not face a risk related to the payment of its expenses.

As the Company has not consumed all of the funds raised in investments or operating expenses (themselves statutorily capped at 10% of the amounts raised and net sales), this provides sufficient cash for the needs of the next 12 months.

expand_more Risque d’absence de dividendes High High High

L'achat d'actions TFTP ne permettra pas systématiquement un retour sur investissement via dividendes, la Société ayant vocation à réinvestir les sommes dans de nouvelles prises de participation. Les statuts de la Société limitent les distributions de dividendes afin de consacrer les bénéfices réalisés à la lutte contre le dérèglement climatique (article 29 des statuts).

En effet, la distribution de dividendes est conditionnée statutairement à la réalisation de l’événement suivant : un retour de la température de la planète à 0°C, lequel s’entend comme l'élévation de la température moyenne de la planète sur les 30 (trente) dernières années par rapport à la moyenne des températures de l'ère pré-industrielle (1850-1900), selon la méthodologie et les données communiquées par le GIEC (Groupe d'Experts Intergouvernemental sur l'Evolution du Climat) ou, à défaut, sur celles de la NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Cette condition de limitation du réchauffement climatique à 0°C pourrait être remplie entre 2050 et 2100 selon le scénario le plus optimiste du GIEC.

expand_more Risque de dilution des actionnaires High High High

Les actions de TFTP seront sujettes à d’importantes dilutions futures, les actions ayant vocation à être systématiquement émises à la valeur nominale (sans prime d’émission, conformément à l’article 9.1 des statuts). La dilution se matérialise lorsqu'une société émet de nouvelles actions (exemple : lors d'une augmentation de capital).

La dilution affecte tous les actionnaires existants qui n'achètent pas une partie des nouvelles actions émises. Le résultat pour un actionnaire existant est que sa part au capital se retrouve réduite. Cela aura un impact sur :

  • le droit de vote (par exemple, pour élire le conseil de surveillance et statuer sur les autorisations préalables à donner à la gérance de procéder à des investissements) ; et
  • le droit au dividende, s’il y en a un, et la plus-value.
expand_more Risque de non-liquidité des titres High High Medium

Les actions de la Société n’étant pas destinées à être cotées et aucun marché ne devant être organisé à l’initiative de la Société, il existe un risque de non-liquidité des actions souscrites.

Sauf en cas de succession, de liquidation de communauté de biens entre époux ou de cession à un conjoint, un ascendant ou un descendant, toute cession d’actions à un tiers, de quelque manière que ce soit (en ce compris par voie de transmission universelle de patrimoine), est soumise à l’agrément préalable de la gérance. Toute cession de quelque nature que ce soit ayant pour conséquence de permettre à tout tiers ou actionnaire de détenir directement ou indirectement, plus de 25% (vingt-cinq) du capital ou des droits de vote fera l’objet d’un refus d’agrément de la part de la Société.

La cession des actions ne bénéficie d’aucun avantage fiscal pour l’acquéreur.

Aucune stipulation statutaire ou extrastatutaire ne permet le retrait des actionnaires de la Société.

La faculté de céder les actions de la Société est limitée du fait de la politique de distribution de dividendes.

expand_more Risque lié à la perte potentielle en capital pour le souscripteur Medium Medium Medium

L’activité de la Société peut générer un risque de perte d'une partie ou de la totalité du capital investi par ses actionnaires. Ce risque est inhérent à l'activité de la Société qui est de sourcer, financer et développer des innovations.